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Lady Bug'z Lifestyle Assistant

Lower Mainland, BC Canada



  • Accompany to social outings with friends
  • Playing games
  • Reading
  • Walking
  • Personal checkin-in or just to chat
  • Assist with entertaining
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Meal preparation for the week
  • Accompany to Doctor or Hospital appointments to take notes

Care Aide Services

  • Administer medications
  • Help with baths, personal care
  • Leg, foot and hand massage
  • Change bedding
  • Assist with meals
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Help preparing meals
  • Foot care nurse
  • Wellness: taking blood pressure, pulse and weight check. These vital statistics are recorded and kept for future doctor visits.
  • Assist with physio exercises

Driving Services

  • Driving to and from doctor or hospital appointments
  • Accompany into doctor office or hospital
  • Assist with taking notes at doctor appointment
  • Accompany to functions and church while staying with you

Please note: We are not a taxi service or drop-off transportation service for just pick-ups and drop-offs. We stay with our clients throughout each transportation service, such as medical appointments, hospital visits, or shopping. We stay with our clients while attend to their needs throughout their time with us. We charge on a hourly basis.

Hospital Services

  • Assistance with personal grooming in hospital
  • Take home from hospital and settle in
  • 24 hour care in hospital
  • Exercises helping with physio directed by physio example walking and bed exercise


  • Organizing & decluttering
  • Assistance keeping in contact with family friends; (i.e. in person, letters, emails or Skype)
  • Meal planning, preparation and/or cleanup
  • Prepare grocery lists
  • Check food expirations

Errand & Appointment Assistance (including accompanied transportation if necessary)

  • Shopping with or for you
  • Appointment/event arrangements and reminders
  • Picking up groceries and/or prescriptions
  • Be present while service man is in the home
  • Errands such as: library, dry cleaners returns and exchanges
  • Accompaniment to hospital or doctor appointments, religious services, exercise classes
  • Plan visits, outing and trips

Light Housekeeping

  • Light Dusting
  • Light Vacuuming
  • Cleaning out fridge (checking dates on containers, wiping down inside of fridge)
  • Light Wash on floors
  • Changing bed linens

Yard Work/Handyman Services

  • Pressure washing
  • Trash removal & recycling
  • Yard maintenance and cleanup
  • Snow and ice removal 


  • Planning and organizing a move to a new home
  • Assistance with packing and unpacking
  • Declutter and take items for recycle or deliver to hospice, second hand store or where ever you choose
  • Attending to your needs on moving day
  • Planning, organizing and layout of new home
  • Help coping with settling in
  • Pack up and move to new location, unpack and organize 

Seasonal Preparations

  • Seasonal decorating inside/outside
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Hanging Lights/Taking down lights
  • Christmas tree removal

Contact us to arrange a complementary consultation.

Tel: 778.242.4558 or Maitenance 604.306.0599